Friday, April 6, 2012

Adam Dunn Will Bounce Back

Hell, he can't get much worse than last year, right?

His batting average of .159 may have been the worst of all time.  He struck out 177 times, which isn't a career high, but then again he only played in 122 games.  Let's put that into proportion.  Had Dunn played in all 162 games, he would have struck out 235 times.  That would have set the Major League record for most all time.

He looked just plain lost last year.  Some will attribute it to the fact that he changed leagues.  Others will say it was his first time as a DH, and it takes time to adjust to that role.  I'd say that in reality, it was a combination of all those things, plus some mechanical issues.

The only thing saving him from being totally roasted by Sox fans and the media was that pretty much everyone else on the Sox had an awful year too.

But that was last year, this is this year, and I'm predicting that Adam Dunn will bounce back this season (Yeah, I said all that before he hit his homer today).

I have no real scientific, concrete evidence as to why Dunn will have a good year, it's just a hunch.  I think his comfort level will rise, and his familiarity with American League pitchers will help, too.  Plus, if his teammates have better seasons, it will take the pressure off Dunn, though he's still going to be expected to produce, hitting in the middle of the lineup.

My prediction for Dunn's season: .240, 25-30 HR's, 85-90 RBI.

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